GT cricket squad in IPL – Everything that we know

Coming from England, cricket has become very popular in India. Therefore, many people follow the IPL tournament and have already chosen their favorite team in this sport. In fact, cricket is even more popular than soccer because it has retained its traditional flavor.

But not about that now, because we want to tell you about Gujarat Titans, the gray horse who managed to win in 2022.

How the team was born, briefly

Created in 2021, the GT were able to win in 2022. This is simply unbelievable! It’s interesting that it wasn’t until the winter of 2022 that they got their name and for a long time none of their opponents took them seriously.

The good thing for them is that none of the players or representatives had time to get caught up in scandals. That’s why they were loved from the first game and already before the final, when there was only one game left, there were large stands of fans who cheered for the entire squad.

Unfortunately, they do not yet have a mascot. But their form is a noble blue color with azure inlays that show the bright yellow rays of the sun. The resounding name “Titans” immediately attracts attention with its power.

Current lineup and best bowler

They have a lot of new faces, so it’s hard to pick the best player out of 24. Hardik Pandya is now the captain of the squad and at 28, he’s made great strides. He’s one of the best players.

TOP-5 bowler Gujarat Titans

Name Position Age Main hand
Hardik Pandya Captain 28 Right-handed
David Miller Batter 33 Left-handed
Matthew Wade Wicket-keeper 34 Left-handed
Mohammed Shami Seam Bowler 32 Right-arm
Varun Aaron Seam Bowler 32 Right-arm


Interestingly, this team seems to be one of the most international squads in the premier league. It also has the most bowler under 35 and also has the youngest player, Noor Ahmad, who is a Spin Bowler at 17.

Will Gujarat Titans win 2023 IPL Cricket

You can never say for sure, but the lineup had already shown itself in the previous year. They were the dark horses no one wanted to bet on, but they proved themselves to be the true lions of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament in 2022. Proved that they should not be underestimated.

Don’t write them off, because the Gujarat Titans only warmed up the previous season, and analysts say they could well take the gold next year. But, time will tell. Perhaps they will be beaten by other, more experienced bowler? We will look forward to the tournament, which will be announced this winter at the traditional auction. In the meantime, you have time to choose your team.