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List Of India Cricket Team Captains In ODI Cricket

India Cricket Team Captains have been the legends of this game who dominated the cricket with their abilities to play big Game Format. When Rohit Sharma will go out to lead the Indian team in the absence of regular captain Virat Kohli against Sri Lanka, he will become the 24th Indian to become the captain of India and become seventh from Mumbai.

Saurav Ganguly had once quipped that being captain of the Indian cricket team was the toughest task in the world, despite the pressure of expectations from one billion fans, despite the pressure of expectations, the courage to be the most flexible was the test of courage.

CK Nayudu1932-1934403010.000.0075.00
Nawab of Pataudi1946-1946301020.000.0033.33
L Amarnath1947-19521526070.3313.3340.00
VS Hazare1951-19531415080.207.1435.71
MH Mankad1955-1959601050.000.0016.66
Ghulam Ahmed1955-1959302010.000.0066.66
PR Umrigar1955-1958822041.0025.0025.00
HR Adhikari1959-1959100010.000.000.00
DK Gaekwad1959-1959404000.000.00100.00
P Roy1959-1959101000.000.00100.00
GS Ramchand1959-1960512020.5020.0040.00
NJ Contractor1960-19621222081.0016.6616.66
Nawab of Pataudi1962-1975409190120.4722.5047.50
CG Borde1967-1967101000.000.00100.00
AL Wadekar1971-19741644081.0025.0025.00
S Venkataraghavan1974-1979502030.000.0040.00
SM Gavaskar1976-198547980301.1219.1417.02
BS Bedi1976-197822611050.5427.2750.00
GR Viswanath1980-1980201010.000.0050.00
N Kapil Dev1983-198734471220.5711.7620.58
DB Vengsarkar1987-19891025030.4020.0050.00
RJ Shastri1988-198811000100.000.00
K Srikkanth1989-1989400040.000.000.00
M Azharuddin1990-19994714140191.0029.7829.78
SR Tendulkar1996-200025490120.4416.0036.00
SC Ganguly2000-20054921130151.6142.8526.53
R Dravid2003-200725860111.3332.0024.00
V Sehwag2005-2012421012.0050.0025.00
A Kumble2007-20081435060.6021.4235.71
MS Dhoni2008-20146027180151.5045.0030.00
V Kohli2014-20194626100102.6056.5221.73
AM Rahane2017-201822000100.000.00

When one day cricket was taking a step in the early days of the ’70s, then in Indian cricket there was not the requisite firepower to adapt to changing needs of the game, and take the time to find your feet. Ajit Wadekar was the first ODI captain of India who, during his tour of 1974, had been in favor of England in Headingley. Despite fighting the half-ton of Wadekar, India lost the game.

In fact, it was not until England’s tour of India in 1980-81, this side tasted the first series win in a small format. Srinivas Venkataraghavan, Bishen Singh Bedi, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev were all tried but the selectors continued the most effort for the third World Cup in 1983, against all the hurdles, which were won by the Indian team.

The Asia Cup wins in 1983/84 and more importantly, in 1985, Cricket World Championships inspired many young people to adopt the game and now India has made a black horse in the format of 50 overs. However, his bravery could not be repeated as a defending champion in the 1987 World Cup, but it started a captaincy battle for Dilip Vengsarkar, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Mohammed Azharuddin and Kapil Dev himself for a different time.

After the 1992 World Cup, Indian cricket Team was in the hands of two lucrative cricketers: Azharuddin and Sachin Tendulkar. Although by 1999, Azhar led India for three consecutive World Cups, his tenure was with the small signals of captaincy for Tendulkar, who had put the world in the storm with his batting exploits, but as captain Not only could efforts be fought, with the percentage of victory ended with only 35 percent above. Prior to MS Dhoni’s arrival, Azharuddin made a record of capturing India for most games.

In order to remove hangover from match-fixing scandal after 2000, Indian cricket invested its money on Sourav Ganguly’s firebrand captaincy, who responded and first claimed the NatWest Trophy in 2002, that the entire country believed in the team , And followed it with a stunning run in the 2003 World Cup.

The Ganguly-John Wright partnership was one of the best things to do in Indian cricket, but the Kiwi coach’s departure, and the subsequent selection of Greg Chappell, started a check period in Indian cricket, which gave him a hot and cold blow. Under Dravid

The lowest point came when the group had faced embarrassment when he was out of the 2007 World Cup, but it turned out to be a blessing in the disguise, to exit the Chappell and get out of MS Dhoni’s ODI captaincy After the change in cricket, the country always had to change.

By the time Dhoni stepped up in January 2017, India had won the World Cup and Champions Trophy in addition to many memorable victories in the format of 50 overs. There was an irregular deadlock between Virender Sehwag, Suresh Raina, Gautam Gambhir and Ajinkya Rahane during his reign, but it was Virat Kohli, who was prime minister for the future role, and it was originally stuck.

Under the leadership of Kohli, the Indian team’s spin is sharp, but the Delhi batsman needs a good rest, who has given Rohit Sharma a long-awaited chance to show his captaincy on the international stage.

Here is a complete list of Indian Cricket Team captains In ODI (with figures) over the years:

Indian Cricket Team Captains List

list of India Cricket captains In Test Format.

In the 82 years of India’s long history, more than 32 cricketers have captained India. Here is the complete list of all the cricketers who lead the country in Test cricket:

(This article is co-written by Pradeep Kalmegam and Shankar Narayan)

C. Of Naidu (1932-1934)
India played their first Test match at Lord’s under the leadership of C.K.Nayudu against England. Not surprisingly, the home team made India better by 158 runs. This man led India during the 4-Test Test series against England on home soil while managing a solitary match in Eden Gardens, Kolkata in 1934.

Maharajakumar of Vijayanagram (1936)
Known as Vizji, the Maharaja of Vijayanagram defeated England twice in three test matches and once led India to the draw.

Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi (1946)
Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, father of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, captained India in three test matches in England. Sr. Pataudi, who represented England in Test cricket, did not appear very successful at one time, while one had two lost pitches.

Lala Amarnath (1947-1952)
Lala Amarnath captained India in 15 Tests between 1947 and 1952 and under them India won two Tests, six losses and seven other draws.

Vijay Hazare (1951-1953)
Vijay Hazare led India in 14 Tests, and he will always be a special place in the cricket history of India because he was the captain when India won their first Test against England in Chennai in 1952.

Vinoba Mankad (1955-1959)
Under Mankad, India visited Pakistan for the first time in 1954/55. However, the series became a dull case because all 5 matches of the series against arch rivals failed to produce a winner.

Ghulam Ahmad (1955-1959)
India first played New Zealand in 1955/56 under the captaincy of off-spinner Ghulam Ahmed, making them the first specialist bowlers to captain India.

Polly Umrigar (1955-1958)
Umrigar took the Indian captaincy from the second Test of the 1955/56 series against New Zealand and later directed India to win a series. When Australia visited India in 1956/57, it was still most helpful in the cases. India lost the series 2-0

Hemu Officer (1959)
In the five-match series of 1958-59, one of the four captains used by India against the West Indies was, Adikari. India lost the series 3-0 with the management of the rare deadlock against an outfit of the West Indies.

Datta Gaikwad (1959)
Baroda batsman led India in 4 of 5 Tests in England in 1959, lost all of them.

Pankaj Roy (1959)
The Bengal cricketer had to fill up for Gaekwad because he missed the injury in the 1959 series Lord’s Test, and he did not have much luck because India lost by 8 wickets.

Gulabaray Ramchand (1959-1960)
In 1959/60, Ramchand was the Indian captain during the series against Australia at home and he scored his first win against the Australian team.

Women contractor (1960-1962)
The contractor led India to its first series victory against England in 1961/62, winning 2 matches and winning 3 matches. He had earlier captained a series in the home against Pakistan (1960/61), where all 5 matches failed to deliver the result.

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi (1962-1975)

It would be fair to say that this was Mack Pataudi who taught India to win abroad, because India had overcome the Kiwi challenge in 1967/68 to win its first series away from home under his captaincy. He is credited as one of the greatest captains in India so far, has inspired him in the fight with the tough conditions to fight and take the game into opposition.

His 13-year-long captaincy tenure started with India losing to West Indies by 3-0. After earning a draw in all five matches against England in 1963/64, Pataudi’s next assignment draws 1-1 against Australia (1964/65).

A 1-0 series win against New Zealand (1964/65) at home was followed by humiliating Whitewaas against England and Australia in their own home. As mentioned earlier, the tables were down down. Nevertheless, his overall record of 9 wins from 40 Tests did not show the widespread contribution of Indian cricket to his contribution.

The interesting thing is that Pataudi was only 21 years old when he took over the captaincy rule and was permanently damaged on his right eye due to a car accident just months before his appointment as captain.

Chandu Borde (1967)
Borde led India in a test match in Australia in the absence of Mc Pataudi in 1967. India lost the match by 146 runs.

Ajit Wadekar (1971-1974)
Wadekar’s side made history by winning his first Test series in the West Indies and England in the 1971 season. Indians won each match in two series and played for the rest of the match. However, with the loss of England 3-0 at home, the captain’s successful run was over.

Srinivasa Venkataraghavan (1974-1979)
S Venkataraghavan, a member of the famous Indian Spin Quartet, captained India in five test matches between 1974 and 1979.

Sunil Gavaskar (1976-1985)
The great Indian opener had signs of two captains between 1976 and 1985 because the leadership changed hands between Kapil Dev and himself. After winning his first match as captain in New Zealand in 1975/76, Gavaskar was successful in the captaincy, winning 4, and 3 out of 11 series he made his name.

His tenure ended due to two back-to-back tours in 1982/83 and 1984/85, to overturn Pakistan and defeat domestic series against England. Overall, in 47 Test matches, the opener scored 9 and lost 8 in the form of captain.

Bishan Singh Bedi (1976-1978)
Another member of the spin quartet, left-handed spinner, was captained for 22 Test matches before Gavaskar and took over as the full time captain in 1978. Of those 22 matches, Bedi has won 6 and 11 lost 11. The main reason for Bedi’s victory was the two victories recorded in Australia, which ultimately lost to the five-match series 3-2.

The defeat achieved by Pakistan ended the duties of the bowler’s leadership.

Gundappa Vishwanath (1980)
The talented batsman gave India captaincy in only two Test matches, including the Golden Jubilee Test against England in 1980 in Mumbai. A person who always wanted to play the game in the right spirit, he remembered Bob Taylor after leaving behind the wrongly caught batsman by the umpire.

The wicketkeeper was then involved in a game-changing partnership with Ian Botham who changed the historic match in England’s decisive form.

Kapil Dev (1982-1987)
World Cup winning captain led India in 34 test matches between 1982 and 1986. His biggest win in the form of Indian captain came on the 1986 tour of England, where he gave India a famous 2-0 win over England in his backyard. However, 23 out of 34 tests ended in the draw, while only four were won in all.

Dilip Vengsarkar (1987-1989)
After being out of the semi-finals of the 1987 World Cup, Dilip Vengsarkar took charge of the captaincy of Kapil Dev. Under it, India played 10 Tests, 2 of which won, draws in 3 and lost in 5.

Ravi Shastri (1987)
Due to injury, with regular captain Dilip Vengsarkar, Ravi Shastri captained India in the last match of the four-match series against the West Indies in Chennai. The Test will be remembered for the 16 wickets of Narendra Hirwani on Test Debut, which has ensured that India beat them by 255 runs. Incidentally, this was the only time when Shastri took the captaincy of India in the Test.

Krishnamachari Srikanth (1989)
Krishnamachari Srikkanth captained India in the 4 Test matches played against Pakistan in Pakistan in 1989, but he could not win a single Test. All four Tests are drawn. However, he will always be remembered as the captain under which Sachin Tendulkar made his international debut.

Mohammad Azharuddin (1990-1998)
Mohammad Azharuddin, one of the longest Indian captains ever, led India in 47 Test matches between 1990 and 1998. India has 14 wins, 14 losers and 19 Test draws in that period.

Sachin Tendulkar (1996-2000)
Sachin Tendulkar has won almost every trophy that he has to win during his career. However, even he would accept the stage where he had captained the counter

Sourav Ganguly (2000-2005)

Perhaps India’s best captain in their history, Sourav Ganguly led India in 49 Tests, winning 21, losing 13 and drawing 15. Under him, the overseas record of the Indians improved tremendously, and he was the captain during the iconic 2001 home series win against Australia.

Rahul Dravid (2003-2007)

Rahul Dravid led the country in 25 Tests, out of which 8 were won, 6 were lost and the rest drawn. He led India to a Test series win in the West Indies in 2006 and also led them to a Test series win in England in 2007. He was also the captain when India won their first ever Test in South Africa in 2006.

Virender Sehwag (2005-2012)

Virender Sehwag captained India in 4 Tests, winning 2, losing 1 and drawing the other.

Anil Kumble (2007-2008)

Following the resignation of Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble was appointed as Indian Test captain. Kumble led admirably in his short tenure, captaining India to a 1-0 home series win over Pakistan. He also led India to an emotional win over Australia in the third Test at Perth in 2008, after the controversial monkey-gate incident in Sydney. Overall, he led India in 14 Tests – winning 3, losing 5 and drawing 6.

MS Dhoni (2008-2014)

MS Dhoni made Test captain instead of Anil Kumble in 2008. Dhoni has led India in 59 Test matches so far, 27 of which he won, lost in 18 and 14. He is India’s most successful captain in the Test series, and he took His side back in 2009 for the position of No. 1 in the Test. They defeated India 4-0 in the home last year against Australia. However, he will be hoping to improve his abysmal overseas record in the coming times.

Virat Kohli (2014)
In the absence of regular captain MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli led India in the first Test of the four-match Test series against Australia last week, but it was unfortunate to face defeat by 48 runs.

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