Should M.S Dhoni Play Cricket World Cup 2019

MS Dhoni’s place for England in the 2019 World Cup has been a source of great debate, but India’s cricket team coach Ravi Shastri has given the strongest signal that he is certain to be selected in the team.

In an interview with India TV, Shastri said on the current form and fitness, it is impossible to ignore Dhoni for the 2019 World Cup. He said, “The form and fitness that he is currently playing, how can he think of not choosing Dhoni for the 2019 World Cup?”

Given that MS Dhoni’s Test Cricket retirement was sudden, we would never be able to retire suddenly from ODI cricket. Dhoni will go only till the 2019 World Cup when he thinks he is the best wicket-keeper batsman in the country.

So is he the best wicket-keeper batsman in the country?

MS. Dhoni
MS. Dhoni

When it comes to keeping wicket, he has a safe pair of hands as far as he gets caught. It’s hard to remember catches dropped by him. For stumping, he is arguably the best wicketkeeper in the whole world, not only in India.
When it comes to batting, Dhoni is still making very runs with good consistency.

In 2017, he scored a century against England, a half-century against Sri Lanka and a half-century against the West Indies. That’s why he is definitely a good batsman who is finding it difficult to dismiss the opponent.
If we look at the above two points, then Dhoni should play the 2019 World Cup. But there is still a question mark, and I would say a legitimate too. Let’s see why this is?

We have grown up seeing Dhoni as Finisher and Dhoni looking at the destructive batsman. But is he the same batsman today? -No. It is very less destructive and it has been a long time for India to end the stressful pursuit. Question marks Dhoni on the batsman but not on the Dhoni finisher. India needs to find a batsman who can be destructive at number 5, to go away from the word, and finish the chase.

Dhoni is no longer the right candidate for that role. Just think, India needs 4 batsmen, who fail less often, routinely score 50 and can rotate the strike with Virat Kohli in the middle overs. Dhoni’s current game over Yuvraj Singh is favorable to this role at number Four.

Therefore, with the extra skills of wicketkeeping, Dhoni can see Dhoni as the best number 4 batsman, which can be for ODIs. If Dhoni’s No. 4, that will be enough for the World Cup 2019 to earn its rightful place in the team.

P.S: From this, Jadhav will be able to bat at number 5 and Dhoni will be finisher as soon as possible and Jadhav’s score in 2017 seems to be fully capable of that role.

The real search should be for the ideal batsman/all-rounder at number 6, who can bat with the intention, and I will throw two names in the ring for everyone – Rishabh Pant and Kunal Pandya.

“For me, the two most important things in ODIs are the current form and fitness. Dhoni is the highest ranked ODI player, he is the best wicketkeeper in the country. During the Sri Lanka series, what you saw with his batting was just a trailer. The whole film will be out soon, “Shastri said.

During the recently concluded series against Sri Lanka, MS Dhoni scored 162 runs in five ODIs and was not even out once. His fantastic work behind the wickets ensured that India had whitewash in the Test series 3-0 and whitewash 5-0 in the series.

Ever since he took over as the coach of the Indian cricket team before the start of the Sri Lanka Series in July, Shastri has been praising MS Dhoni for his contribution. In an interview, he said that those who termed Dhoni had misunderstood.

Dhoni has a great impact on the team. He is a living legend in the dressing room and is an ornament for the game. It does not make sense or any stretch of imagination has ended or half has ended so far. If anyone feels that, then they are wrong and they have another one to come. Some are for surprises. The old dog has a lot of things, “said Ravi Shastri.

In another conversation, Ravi Shastri said that Dhoni went out of Test cricket very well. He said, “Staying away from Test cricket is good for them. It is difficult to go to the whole world as a wicketkeeper in all three formats. Indian cricket has been fortunate enough that Riddhman Saha has played this role well, “Shastri said.

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