India Vs Pakistan Rivalry Since Years.


India Vs Pakistan Rivalry has been continued since years and the rivalry is harming both teams and more for Pakistan. The rivalry is seen to be in the rare international matches happened after a long period of time as a larger section of the society wants to enjoy the thrilling match and the same is going to happen in the match of India Vs Pakistan Rivalry in cricket world cup 2019.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019 10:30
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There is nothing like an India Vs Pakistan Rivalry. Any game – If India is going against Pakistan, then there is widespread interest in both countries. Whether it is kabaddi, hockey, volleyball or football. We do not like to lose them and vice versa.

The biggest manifestation of this rivalry is the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry. There are reasons for this.

Cricket, apart from being the most popular sport in both countries, it is also a game where both teams are counted among the top in the world and have won regular world championships. Thus, it is only natural that fans from both sides want their team to score on the other.

Games themselves are fought warmly. Players can say that a game against each other is like any other game, but even they know that this is not true. Just turn on a television set (or surf the Internet on your mobile phone as most of you do) and hear how the former players talk about rivalry and how much it means to win that game.

More Than Just One Sports 

India-vs-Pakistan rivalry

Many times this has happened, despite not doing well in the global tournament, there is a sense of satisfaction among teams and fans that they won the game against the old rival. We will all lie if we said that although India did not perform well in the 1992 and 1999 World Cups, it did not seem very good that at least India defeated Pakistan in those 2 World Cups.

Many Indian cricket fans will rate India Vs Pakistan Rivalry matches as one of their favorites in the 2003 World Cup. It is simply satisfaction that fans get when their team puts it in another. It is a satisfaction against the victory of some other top teams like England and Australia.

There is a political inclination for this rivalry which connects Aura around it. Whenever there is a political misunderstanding or strife between the two countries – it affects the time-table of cricket matches between the two games. Games are canceled, due to which there is less play between the two teams for any game that takes place.

The ICC also felt the opportunity of this golden egg. That’s why no matter what you draw – India and Pakistan are involved in the same group in global events – here is a sample of the events where India and Pakistan are in the same group

World Cup – 2003, 2015

Champions Trophy – 2009, 2013, 2017

World T20 – 2007, 2012, 2014, 2016

You will see that both of these teams are in the same group, especially since 2007. Since the events of 26/11/2008 – India Vs Pakistan Rivalry led to an extent that they have not played a bi-centric series against each other, thus hunger for India Pakistan Games is only saturated in ICC events or events of the Asia Cup. Therefore, it is not surprising that these two teams meet often in such events.


After independence, the first India-Pakistan series was held in India in 1952 when Pakistan visited India.

India Vs Pakistan Rivalry flag

The host team won 5 Test series 2-1. When India lost a Test match in the series, there was a huge public disorder. For the generation of this indignation, the players of both sides had a major impact on the psyche, who felt that if they lose to the other team, then they will remain weak for a long time.

Thus, the Test matches between the two teams are usually played very defensive in order to avoid defeat. Statistics reveal this fact. 59 draws have been played between both teams with 38 draws. Both teams have won 4 series and 7 series has been drawn (Pakistan had won a Test in India in Kolkata in 1999, but it was not a part of the series but was part of the Asian Test Championship)

In such a long period, 59 tests also show that there has not been too many test series between the two teams and it is related to the tense relations between the two nations. Whenever tensions or wars have happened between the two countries, there is no one to play cricket against each other.

Test matches between the two countries are often about batting India, which can be against Pakistan’s great greats. In these years there was a fight between Gundappa Vishwanath, Sunil Gavaskar, Jimmy Amarnath and Sarfaraz Khan, Imran Khan and Abdul Qadir. The duel was the same over time, but along with Wasim, there was a choice of Sachin, Azhar, Dravid, and Sehwag on one side. Waqar, Shoaib Akhtar and Sqlain on the other side.

Some Memorable Test Matches In These Years:

1987 – Bangalore – It was Sunny and then there were others. The pitch was a spinning mine. Luckily, Pakistan won the toss and breathed a bit because they would not have to bat fourth.

In the first innings, both the teams were out cheaply, and Pakistan followed a 220-run lead for India, performing slightly better. On that track, it was a daunting task and certainly was enough, this Indian wicket fell cheaply. Only Sunil Gavaskar stood for India for a long time, talked about all those things that were thrown at him comfortably.

Is India vs Pakistan rivalry losing its spice?

India vs pakistan rivalry champions

The 2017 Champions Trophy Final was an exception. India had already defeated them in the league phase largely and had given Pakistan’s infamous tendency to incite at large, India was favorite to add another trophy to their cabinet. Perhaps they took the match very lightly, and overconfidence made them better.

But apart from that one match, India recently dominated 7 of 9 occasions and dominated its neighbors in a great way. They have been clinical in their approach to bring happiness to Indian fans, but on a large scale, the cricket world is definitely missing the stress of traditional India Vs Pakistan Rivalry matches.

Today’s match in Dubai was just another demonstration of that trend that has existed for a while. Pakistan looked at the good score when Babar Azam and Shoaib Malik were on the crease.

But due to poor shots and irresponsible cricket, India was chasing 163 runs, which they easily achieved in eliminating the one-sided match.

The intense rivalry has been lopsided recently, though. India has won all of their meetings in global tournaments for the last five years, including a 124-run thrashing in the tournament opener two weeks ago that had critics writing off Pakistan’s prospects for success.

The final is defending champion India’s fourth in the last eight global tournaments. Pakistan, meanwhile, has not hosted a major international match — barring a short limited-overs series against Zimbabwe — at home since a terrorist attack on Sri Lanka’s team bus at Lahore in 2009.

That has eroded the strength of the national past-time, with a generation of fans unable to see their stars playing on grounds in Karachi, Lahore or Rawalpindi.

But many analysts believe if Pakistan can upset India, it will spark a renewal.

For a neutral fan, it is frustrating to see that a match-up which everyone looks forward is slowly but definitely losing its spice. But who knows, the reversal of luck can only be around the corner.

Cricket’s culture in Pakistan is dying since the new generation hasn’t seen international cricket being played in Pakistan,” Dr. Nauman Niaz, direct of sports and syndication at Pakistan Television Corp., told the AP. Not only would a win for Pakistan generate more interest at home, Niaz said, but it could also have another significant spinoff.

“It could bring them to a position of strength and pressurize the International Cricket Council (ICC) to bring back international cricket to Pakistan,” he said.

Despite its poor recent record against India, the people of Pakistan have high hopes for their unpredictable team.

“We know India is a better team on paper than us, but our heart is not willing to accept that,” said Mohammad Shabbir, a 16-year-old student. “We want to see Sarfraz lift the trophy on Sunday.”

Ind Vs pakistan Rivalry Image

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