ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Rules and New Game Format


ICC has declared that they are planning to introduce a new format of 10 team which will have top 8 ODI teams and two other teams who will have to qualify through the ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2018. The new introduced format and suggestion of having 10 teams in the Cricket World Cup 2019 have been criticized widely during the year 2015 world cup. But if we have a look at the new format it’s not a bad idea but it gives an equal chance to every team and only the performer would be able to go ahead in the tournament. This also increases the number of matches and that means fans would be having more fun in the league that comes once after 4 years long period of time.

Let’s have a Look at rules of a new format of the game and understand the cricket world cup rules thoroughly. 

ICC Cricket World Cup Qualification 2019 Process:

Unlike 14 teams in 2011 and 2015 world cup, ICC board has planned to keep just 10 teams in the 2019 cricket world cup. Where England will get the automatic qualification being the hosting nation while 7 other teams from the top 8 ICC ODI ranking (excluding England) will get the automatic qualification. 2 more teams will join the top 8 teams in the world cup after ICC Cricket World Cup qualifiers which have taken place in 2018 in Bangladesh.

Ireland and Afghanistan have a good chance of getting automatic qualification if they can finish in the top 8 in ODI ranking on 30 September 2017, which means if Ireland or Afghanistan do finish in top 8 ICC ranking one or two of ICC full member might miss out on the automatic qualification.

Qualifying Methods
World Cup Spots TEAMS
 1 England (host nation)
 2-8 7 teams from the top 8 ICC ODI ranked teams as of 30th September 2017
 9-10 2 teams from 2018 ICC WC Qualifiers (to take place in Bangladesh)

Teams Qualified for the Cricket World Cup 2019 League

Automatically Qualifier

  • England

Current qualifiers based on current ICC One Day International rankings

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan


Participants in the 2018 Cricket World Cup qualification Tournament

  • West Indies
  • Zimbabwe
  • Afghanistan
  • Ireland
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Netherlands
  • Hong Kong

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting Odds

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