Top 5 Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting Websites

How to Bet on Cricket World Cup 2019 Online in India 

Cricket has come a long way in the past few decades. It is now being played in various countries around the world.

India, a country where cricket is treated as a religion and players as Gods, has made betting on online cricket World Cup 2019 tough.

That makes offline cricket betting a thriving market that has almost become a parallel economy with its own payment system and rules.

It is important to understand the status of gambling in India before diving into online cricket betting.

2019 World Cup Online Betting in India

According to the Information Technology Act 2000, the government considers any activity corrupt to its people. It can be fined up to Rs. 100,000 and / or a 5 years jail.

Even then sports betting on games is possible. We have not heard of any action taken by the government against online bets (so far).

In this case, online betting in India is undefined.

Indian offshore can bet by using sportsbooks and casinos. Bet365 and 888sports are to name a few. But there is a catch.

In the mid-2000s, Bet365 used to accept credit cards from select few Indian banks. However, now no foreign betting site does not accept any card from India and other countries where betting is illegal.

Indian law does not apply to island 365 because they work under the laws of the United Kingdom where online betting is legal. Government of India cannot do much to stop people from betting on such sites.


Best Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting Sites 

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Cricket is a very popular type of game and many people like to play it and watch it. Cricket is an option for earning money in the law of many countries, betting on cricket is allowed, but in many countries, cricket betting is banned, such as Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. Many people bet on cricket and earn a lot. Many people betting on cricket and earn a very high amount of money in those nations where it is lawful to work and many websites availed how to help in betting on cricket. The most helpful website in betting of cricket is given below.


Betway is a very popular website for books and betting, it provides many advantages in betting and provides lots of information related to the match. Betway is providing live information on any international match which plays in live base.


888sport is very popular in speculators and many people use it for betting in cricket matches. 888sport provides very important information on Live Score Coverage and Results such as stadium season and the highest probability of the winning team and providing information about it. There is a user of 888sport in many countries.


Most bookmakers use the William Hill to bet on cricket. William Hill offers an option for betting in any other sports such as football, car racing, etc. It is a popular choice as a bookie for betting people in many countries like the United Kingdom, it offers a welcome bonus.


Ladbrokes is best of the betting website. Many greatest features are present in Ladbrokes website it very well-known in a lot of cricket lovers and cricket better like to view this on live matches it offers much helpful information which related to matches like which teams is a higher possibility of winning the match, the current update of matches.


Unibate is the most popular option for betting because it offers many features in sports bookmakers, which provides many advantages in the live game of cricket and football. The best strategy is to unite games and it gives a welcome bonus of $ by many people who leaves many other countries.


Above are some of the best websites in the form of bookmakers in some cricket and other sports. Some betting websites are best in one category and it is very helpful in providing very important information that is related to live matches.

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