Best 10 Travel Insurance Plans in 2019 To Visit England For Cricket World Cup 2019


Don’t forget to insure your trip to England with a travel insurance policy in this world cup 2019. A travel insurance plan covers your trip against untoward situations that occurs very often. We are sure you don’t want anything to go wrong while you enjoy and cheer with the crowd- Indiaaaaa, Indiaaaaa!!

So let’s Discuss the Top 10 Travel Insurance Plan of 2019

“Best Travel Insurance” versus “Cheapest Travel Insurance”

Although price is an important factor for many people, your choice of travel insurance company should never be on price alone.

Price comparison websites (such as have made it easy to make a good single and annual travel insurance comparison and select the level of baggage, cancellation and medical cover you want.

The trouble is that it can be hard to tell how these insurers will behave once they have your cash up front. So, the list in this article goes beyond that by including opinions and ratings on how well these firms have served their customers to date.

  1. Reliance’s USA & Canada Travel Insurance policy

​​​The USA and UK are one of the most affluent nations in the world. Both the countries have amazing places, both natural and contrived, that are a visual treat. Whether a business trip, vacation, family function or an academic pursuit; you are sure to have a great time there!

Whatever the reason for your travel, in addition to having fun, getting travel insurance for the USA and UK is a must. One of the most, if not the most important reason for this is medical expenses. The United States and United Kingdom is very costly in terms receiving a medical treatment.

If misfortune strike sand you were to face a medical emergency when visiting, it could lead you to a financial disaster. Thus it is crucial to get travel insurance for the USA and UK from India so that you safeguard yourself against such a risk along with a host of other potential perils.Making sure to have a robust medical coverage in your travel policy is the need of the day.

Benefits of This Reliance’s Insurance Plan

  • Get your travel insurance with zero paperwork and an affordable premium.
  • Convenient facilities like
    • cashless hospitalization
    • in-patient and out-patient hospitalization
    • cover for expenses due to lost passports or check-in baggage
    • cover for missed, delayed or cancelled flights
  • Coverage of pre-existing ailments in case of life threatening situations
  • Coverage available for all countries in Asia, except Japan for which you can get covered under the overseas travel insurance plan
  • Quick and hassle-free settlement for your claims
  • Automated extensions for your policy in case of medical emergencies or evacuation (30 days) and delay of common carrier (up to 7 days)
  • Instant online policy booking (or on call @ 1800 3009 Toll free)

2) M&S Travel Insurance

Marks & Spencer is one of the UK’s leading retailers and since 2002 it has been offering travel insurance, which is underwritten by Aviva. M&S travel insurance covers single and annual multi-trips and gives you the option to adjust or add these policy elements:

  • Cancellation or curtailment
  • Travel disruption cover
  • Winter sports
  • Excess
  • Baggage

M&S single-trip policies have no age limit.

M&S annual multi-trip insurance covers travellers up to the age of 79.

If you have an M&S bank credit card you may be able to earn points by buying an M&S travel policy, depending on the offers available at the time.

Because M&S is underwritten by Aviva it does not exclude claims relating to terrorism.

3) John Lewis Finance Travel

With almost all travel insurance companies, the cost of travel insurance varies widely depending on a number of factors, such as the number of people travelling, their age(s), the destination(s) of travel and the duration of stay. But to give you an indication, we obtained the following quotes via the John Lewis Finance Travel Insurance website in March 2017.

MULTI TRIP Travel Insurance, Worldwide – a couple in their 50s

• PLUS: cost = £168.02; excess = £60; cancellation = £5,000; baggage = £1,500

SINGLE TRIP Travel Insurance, Europe, 2 weeks – one 34yr old woman travelling solo

• PREMIER: cost = £33.85; excess = £50; cancellation = £8,000; baggage = £2,500

4) Aviva Travel Insurance

Unlike most other insurers who offer different tiers of cover (e.g gold, silver and bronze or basic, classic and premium etc.), Aviva only offers one type of cover, with option for Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip.

While this means you can’t choose the level of cover for cancellation and lost baggage, Aviva do provide the option to choose whether you want to include baggage cover at all, as well as other optional extras such as winter sports, travel disruption and extended stay cover.

MULTI TRIP Travel Insurance, Worldwide – a couple in their 50s

  • With baggage cover included = £141.62; Medical cover = £10 million; Max trip duration = 90 days
  • Without baggage cover included = £123.85; Medical cover = £10 million; Max trip duration = 90 days

SINGLE TRIP Travel Insurance, Spain, 2 weeks – one 34yr old woman travelling solo

  • With baggage cover included = £31.29; Medical cover = £10 million; Max trip duration = 90 days
  • Without baggage cover included = £29.98; Medical cover = £10 million; Max trip duration = 90 days

Coverwise Travel Insurance

The Single Trip policies offered by Coverwise are available in five levels of cover: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance, Coverwise offer four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Coverwise Limited are licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission and Travel Insurance policies are underwritten by AXA UK Insurance plc.




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